At some point in most of our lives, a loved one is going to need care. Yet being a caregiver is not something one typically thinks about or one that can be easily prepared for.  It begins with a diagnosis- often a surprise – then leads into the initial shock, acknowledgement then acceptance of an unexpected disease someone you love now has. For my family, it was Parkinson’s Disease.   

Some years ago, I clearly remember being at work and receiving a phone call from my husband who had just been to a neurology appointment.  “I have Parkinson’s Disease” he said into the telephone and “the Doctor says it’s a progressive and debilitating disease. I remember verbalizing back the platitudes – “I’m here with you.”  “We’ll beat this.” “We won’t let it get us down.”    I should have gone with him, I thought.  But who expected this?  When I got off the phone, those two words kept coming back to me – progressive and debilitating.  Boy, that didn’t sound good.  The word “caregiver” di...

Monday, October 2, 2017

We are all noticing it—the weather is changing.  The leaves are changing, the days are getting shorter, the air has a cool crisp feeling.  Its coming….yup winter is coming.  The school year has started, its going to start snowing, the holidays are around the corner.  Most of us struggle with the changing of the seasons.    Some of us struggle with lack of motivation, difficulty getting out of our warm beds, fatigue and depressed mood.     While most of these symptoms will be short lived, I have noticed some people struggle and could get stuck in these depressive symptoms. Don’t feel alone in this.  We are here to support you!   Here are 5 easy tips to help manage these seasonal blues.

1) Normalize these feelings.  Experiencing some mood changes is fairly common.  Lets all just admit when we are feeling sad or unmotivated or “blah.”    No one is perfect so lets not pretend our moods are.  If you are having a bad day and som...

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