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Kara Olimene, LCSW

I am the co-owner and therapist at Olimene Counseling Services, Inc.  I am passionate about making a positive change for behavioral health clients in the community.  I have great confidence that the behavioral health therapy we provide to the community will assist individuals and families in achieving emotional wellness and stability.

I completed my undergraduate work at Carthage College in Wisconsin, and my masters degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago.   I have a history of working for 10 years in the crisis department of a behavioral health hospital both as a therapist and a manager.  I am skilled performing clinical assessments and managing crisis situations. I also enjoy mentoring and supervising other clinicians in the behavioral health field.  

I have been doing outpatient therapy for over 12 years.  My areas of specialty include: eating disorder, self injury and  trauma.  In addition, I am skilled in working with women experiencing anxiety or depression as a result of a life change or situational stressor. I also have specific experience in helping older adults who are struggling with depression, anxiety, or a chronic medical concern.  

My approach to therapy involves focusing on symptom relief and stabilization of mood. I am a solution focused therapist. I tend to be described as a genuine and  authentic therapist. I believe development of skills and problem solving is key in order to address each individual's unique life circumstances.    

I use a number of therapeutic techniques to help promote and support change and success.  Such approaches may include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems Model, motivational interviewing and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. My expectation is that the patient and therapist both be dynamically involved in the process of treatment to accomplish the best therapeutic outcome.

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