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Mike Burbano

Hello! I’m Mike Burbano and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. As a Latine male clinician, I recognize the barriers that BIPOC and male-identifying individuals face around seeking mental health services. The space we create is meant to be safe and affirming of all aspects you identify with - your background, your sexuality, your story. In other words - YOU overall.

My approach is structured around a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Person-Centered Therapy. I use this combination to guide my clients to better understand themselves through authentic conversation around the many obstacles we face in our lives. I believe that effective communication is essential to begin this process.

I earned my Bachelors of Arts at Purdue University and my Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology at North Park University. I have worked in the field for 6 years in a wide range of areas: anxiety, depression, anger, life stage transition and adjustments, self-confidence, identity, trust, emotion regulation, mediation, couples therapy, and group work. This has allowed me to work with a variety of individuals of diverse backgrounds and social statuses and support them through the struggles they face. I would like to support you in the same way.

331-318-8181 Ext 24

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