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The focal point of your child’s world is your family (even if your teen tells you it’s his or her friends). Although teenagers begin to move away from this as they mature, it is still parents, siblings and home life that are the center of their universe.


In order to make long-lasting changes in the behaviors, thoughts and feelings of your child the whole family system must change and adjust. It is therefore necessary for parents to be involved in their children’s treatment.

Some issues that are common in child & adolescent counseling are:

Negotiating peer pressure

Mood changes due to physiological maturation
Learning to socialize with friends or siblings
School avoidance or anxiety
Bullying (both victimization and perpetration)
Attention-seeking behaviors
Self esteem and identity
Substance abuse


Some issues that are common in family counseling are:

Setting healthy boundaries
Learning to communicate effectively
Enforcing appropriate consequences
Establishing a family heirarchy
Identifying age-appropriate vs. negative behaviors

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